sugar-glider-pic16I have been breeding and caring for sugar gliders and sugar glider joeys (babies) for over eighteen years. I take pride in the joeys I breed and I want our customers to be completely satisfied with their new pets as well as our joeys going to caring loving homes.

Fourteen and a half years ago, when I first learned of sugar gliders while reading a magazine, I was immediately very intrigued. Several months later, when I got my first sugar glider joey, Theodopolus (Theo for short), I stopped wanting to breed anything else. I feel as strongly beguiled by sugar gliders and sugar glider joeys in particular, as I did when I first met them.

I honestly believe that sugar gliders are one of the best pets available today because they are *low maintenance (particularly as exotics go); their presence doesn’t invade your home with sound or smell; there’s no cat pan; you don’t have to walk them; they live for ten, if not twelve years; they’re as intelligent as cats and/or dogs; you can put them in a shirt pocket or bra and take them with you practically anywhere, and they give so much back.

I believe that sugar gliders can make a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life including places like nursing homes. I have sold sugar gliders to college students that live in dorms, and a wonderful experience was had by all, including the sugar gliders. This is not something I would recommend for all college students; my point is the gliders were able to adapt. I believe that one day gliders will begin to replace more traditional pets in the homes of many Americans.

Come! Learn more about our furry little exotic friends from down under, New Guinea, and Indonesia .
I offer these pages in the hope that we can provide you with the best hand tamed sugar glider babies (joeys) both whiteface and standard, sugar glider cages, sugar glider food, sugar glider pouches, and other sugar glider supplies, as well as information about diet, and other topics to help you create a safe, hygienic, easy to care for environment for your sugar glider. Please check our links page for information that you need that you don’t find here at our site. Also, check out our pics page to see pictures of pets and friends. I will be making additions to this site to provide more information and supplies as we can.

* low maintenance: pets that do not require special conditions and/or specialized diets to be healthy.